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Sales Cloud/CRM is an indispensable tool for sales departments to manage sales processes in a broad sense. It enables full process automation, customer relationship building and database management, as well as planning and tracking, analysing and reporting on sales.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

If you want to start using Salesforce fast, choose our Instant Implementation

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Quick win

TTMS offers an Instant Implementation of Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) that uses standard Salesforce components to build a  functional CRM system that meets the customer’s needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Levels of cooperation

Instant Implementation offers three project levels – Essentials, Professional and Enterprise – tailored to Salesforce licences.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Use Salesforce fast

The project has a short implementation time and moderate cost because it does not include programming work or integration with external systems.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Solve problems

Instant Implementation is an approach that solves customers’ immediate problems and creates a solid foundation for future system development.

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Maximize your Salesforce potential with our knowledge and skills

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Goldilocks Principle – Not too big, not too small; just right!

Challenge: Salesforce projects that are too big or not big enough to meet client needs or budget.

• TTMS Sales Cloud solutions are carefully designed to meet your  needs without overburdening you with features you don’t need.

• We provide just the right level of customization to ensure your solution fits your business perfectly.

• Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, striking the perfect balance between functionality and simplicity.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Speed Up Time-To-Value – Pre-Packaged implementations for faster sales

Challenge: Many Salesforce implementations are built “from scratch” rather than leveraging past experience.

• TTMS pre-packaged solutions allow you to start using our software immediately, with no need for extensive customization.

• They are ready-to-use, reducing implementation time and costs.

• They are pre-built and designed to be easily integrated into your existing systems, ensuring a seamless transition.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

End-to-end support – from Design to Support via implementation, rollout & adoption

Challenge: Customers are experts in their field, not Salesforce; sometimes customers are left alone which can lead to trouble and costly fixes.

• TTMS provides comprehensive support from start to finish, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed.

• Our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process, from requirements gathering to postimplementation maintenance.

• We are committed to ensuring your success and providing end-to-end support for all your needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

End user engagement and dialogue from day “0”

Challenge: Onboarding staff to any system is tough; a CRM system is even harder to onboard.

• We prioritize end-user engagement and communication from the very beginning of the project, ensuring that your needs are fully understood and met.

• We believe in a collaborative approach and work closely with end-users to ensure our solutions meet their needs.

• Our team is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with end-users throughout the entire process to ensure a successful outcome.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Proven iterative implementation methodology

Challenge: Projects that are designed as custom or ad-hoc can end up costing more money, time and resources.

• Our iterative approach ensures that we are continuously refining our solutions to meet your evolving needs.

• We believe in a flexible, agile approach that allows us to quickly adapt to changing requirements and feedback.

• Our proven methodology ensures a successful outcome by minimizing risk and maximizing value.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Deep knowledge of “salesforce way” and salesforce intrinsic – stable long-term solutions resistant to Salesforce internal changes

Challenge: Salesforce is a massive organization, and keeping up with their changes, processes and products can be costly and time-consuming.

• Our team has a deep understanding of Salesforce’s internal workings, ensuring that our solutions are built to last.

• We use best practices and proven methodologies to ensure our solutions are stable and resilient to changes in the Salesforce platform.

• Our expertise in Salesforce’s intrinsic workings allows us to build solutions that are future-proof and capable of adapting to changes in the platform.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Deep and practical knowledge of sales processes in different market segments, which can help your sales processes improve dramatically

Challenge: Many Salesforce partners understand technology, not the business. This can lead to very technical solutions that don’t work well IRL.

• We have extensive experience working with various market segments and understand the unique challenges and requirements of each.

• Our deep knowledge of sales processes allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

• Our expertise in different market segments allows us to provide insights and best practices to improve your sales processes.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Consulting mindset – the most optimal solutions including ones from outside the Salesforce ecosystem, which ensures a best-of-breed solution

Challenge: Salesforce wants to sell Salesforce solutions, sometimes these are not the best fit for all of their customers.

• Our consulting mindset ensures that we provide the most optimal solutions for your business, even if they lie outside the Salesforce ecosystem.

• We believe in taking a holistic approach and consider all available options to provide the best solution for your needs.

• Our team is committed to providing unbiased advice and guidance, ensuring that you make the best decision for your business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Pre-built reporting for most common scenarios – C-level, Sales Manager, Sales Rep; save time, effort and money by not reinventing the wheel

Challenge: Creating reports is time consuming and costly.

• Our pre-built reporting solutions provide you with the data and insights you need to make informed decisions.

• We have extensive experience in building custom reports for various stakeholders, including C-level executives, sales managers, and sales representatives.

• Our reporting solutions are designed to be easy to use and provide the right level of detail for each stakeholder.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Proven practices on bringing neglected Salesforce environments back to life and unleashing their full potential

Challenge: Many customers don’t realise that Salesforce is an evolving entity, this can mean that their CRM system gets neglected and doesn’t grow with their needs.

• Our team has extensive experience in revitalizing neglected Salesforce environments and bringing them back to life.

• The TTMS Analysis Methodology will highlight gaps, obstacles and areas of improvement, fast.

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