Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is a portal for customers, where they, after logging in, have access to their own space. They can access information made available to them by the portal owner, such as order history, invoices, product information, certificates and certifications, technical test results and more.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

TTMS can create scalable solutions that can give you more value, faster, from Experience Cloud by enabling better collaboration and communication with clients, suppliers and internal partners.

Get started with Experience Cloud quickly and easily with our Instant Implementation!

In the Instant Implementation model

we focus on the use of standard Salesforce objects, which we will use to build you a fully functional system that allows you to build a variety of pages designed to reach your community of customers and partners through, for example, access to the knowledge base, support or sharing selected data from the CRM system.

Experience Cloud can be used, among other things, for:

  • marketing improvement by building pages that encourage new and existing customers
  • building a portal for communication with partners
  • building a portal for clients
  • building a support centre with a knowledge base
  • development of mobile websites and Android/iOS applications

With our Instant Implementation

you can choose between three sample project scopes, differing in their functional scope. These scopes are tailored to the Salesforce licences under which users are granted access to the individual objects and functions of the system.

Experience cloud solutions that deliver rapid value

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Enhanced Collaboration for Better Outcomes

Challenge: No collaboration between vendors and partners.

• TTMS can quickly and cost-effectively create an Experience Cloud solution that connects vendors and partners in a seamless, efficient manner, enabling better communication, collaboration, and innovation to achieve better outcomes for all parties involved.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Streamlined Purchase Process

Challenge: Manual purchase process.

• Utilising Experience Cloud, TTMS can automate and streamline the purchase process, reducing the time and effort required to complete transactions, while improving accuracy and reducing errors.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Structured and Organized Knowledge Management

Challenge: Unstructured, unmanageable knowledge.

• TTMS vast Experience Cloud knowledge will provide a structured, organized approach to knowledge management, making it easier to access, share, and utilize important information across teams, departments, and organizations.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Automated Purchase Tracking for Better Control

Challenge: Manual purchase tracking.

• TTMS can automate purchase tracking via Experience Cloud, providing real-time insights into spending, purchasing trends, and vendor performance, helping organizations stay in control of their finances.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Engaged and Active Community

Challenge: Inactive, uncommitted community.

• Experience Cloud fosters an engaged and active community, promoting collaboration, idea-sharing, and ongoing learning among members, leading to better outcomes for all involved. TTMS can build and manage this quickly and cost-effectively.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Improved User Engagement and Participation

Challenge: Lack of user engagement.

• By using Experience Cloud, TTMS offers interactive, user-friendly features that encourage engagement and participation, promoting collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing across teams and organizations.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services and Consulting

Easy Access to Specific Knowledge

Challenge: Difficult access to specific knowledge.

• TTMS can create a knowledge-sharing portal that offers a robust search function, making it easy to find specific knowledge, resources, and information quickly and efficiently.

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