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The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) platform is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that allows you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts and improve customer relationships.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

With Account Engagement (Pardot), you can create and send personalised emails, monitor campaign performance and track and analyse customer interactions with your business.

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…with benefits such as the short implementation time, where the system is up and running in just a few weeks.

After just a few weeks, use a platform that allows you to segment your customer databases, allowing you to tailor your communications to the individual needs and preferences of each audience, as well as appropriately segment potential customers at each stage of the customer acquisition and lead nurturing process.

Account Engagement (Pardot)

…offers a range of website optimisation tools such as lead forms, A/B testing and SEO configuration tools and the ability to quickly build modern landing pages. This allows you to better attract and convert website visitors into potential customers.

Account Engagement (Pardot) is implemented as an add-on to the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM product, seamlessly integrating with the company’s sales and marketing process, using the synchronisation of fields between systems, audience engagement reports or their allocation to mailing lists available directly in CRM.

Streamline your marketing operations with Account Engagement (Pardot)

TTMS can quickly and easily create scalable marketing automation solutions that can improve marketing outcomes while reducing costs and improving productivity and efficiency.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Speed up Content Creation in a fast and cost-effective way

Challenge: Slow content creation process.

• TTMS can help you to streamline the content creation process, allowing you to create high-quality content in less time.

• With our service, you can produce more content in less time, freeing up your team to focus on other priorities.

• Our content creation platform is designed to make the process fast, easy, and efficient, enabling you to produce more content in less time.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Make content creation possible for businesses or non-developers

Challenge: Content created by developers.

• TTMS and Salesforce have content creation solutions designed for non-technical users, so you can create high-quality content without relying on developers.

• TTMS enables the use of user-friendly content creation tools with Pardot to empower anyone to create engaging, high-quality content.

• With our services, you can easily create and manage content, without needing specialized technical skills or knowledge.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Make it easier and quicker to create registration forms

Challenge: Tedious process of creating registration forms.

• TTMS simplifies the process of creating registration forms, making it easy to create forms quickly and easily.

• You can create professional-looking registration forms in minutes, without any coding or technical skills required.

• It is designed to make creating registration forms simple and straightforward, saving you time and frustration.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Keep all your forms in one place

Challenge: Registration forms hosted externally.

• With our service, you can easily keep everything in one place.

• We enable you to host your forms on your own site, providing a seamless user experience for your visitors.

• We allow you to customize and host registration forms on your own site, giving you greater control and flexibility.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Maintain your email reputation without sacrificing marketing activities or speed

Challenge: Blacklisting emails and domains.

• Our service protects your email reputation by automatically blacklisting suspicious emails and domains.

• With our service, you can rest assured that your email communications are secure and protected from spam and other threats.

• Our email blacklist management tools make it easy to stay on top of potential threats and protect your email reputation.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Get better visibility into user engagement

Challenge: No visibility on user engagement.

• Our analytics tools provide deep insights into user engagement, helping you optimize your marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

• With our service, you can track user engagement and behaviour across multiple channels, giving you a complete view of your customers.

• Our analytics platform enables you to measure user engagement and track customer behaviour, providing valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Create deeper and better segmentation of prospects

Challenge: No segmentation of prospects.

• Our segmentation solutions enable you to target specific audiences with personalized messages and offers, boosting conversions and ROI.

• With our solutions, you can segment your prospects based on demographics, behaviour, and other criteria, tailoring your messaging to their unique needs.

• Our segmentation platform empowers you to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving more conversions and revenue.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Be more compliant. Avoid GDPR breaches or non-compliance

Challenge: GDPR breaches, no Unsubscribe process.

• Our service ensures GDPR compliance by providing a seamless, user-friendly unsubscribe process for your email communications.

• With our unsubscribe management tools, you can stay on top of GDPR requirements and protect your email reputation.

• Our GDPR compliance features make it easy to implement a robust unsubscribe process that meets regulatory requirements and safeguards user privacy.

Pardot Consulting and Implementation Services

Automate and improve your lead nurturing processes

Challenge: Manual nurturing process.

• Our automated nurturing tools enable you to create personalized, targeted email campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

• With our service, you can automate your nurturing process, freeing up time for other, more valuable sales activities.

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