We are the Experts in Microsoft Azure

  • We are all seeing a huge pace of innovation implementation.
  • Be one step ahead of the competition and use the possibilities
  • of MS Azure cloud computing without incurring additional investment costs.


Our team of architects, DevOps and developers can take over any transformation projects with diligence and care. Our team of experienced specialists can help you with the migration efforts of any proprietary software or application to the cloud. Together we can choose the best candidates for any quick wins and create a comprehensive strategy for the digital journey for your company.

Migration to the Azure Cloud

We can help you with migrating .NET applications to the Azure cloud. We will estimate the investment and the amount of work needed for application transformation to make it operate well in the cloud environment. If you want to migrate your existing .NET applications to the cloud, we can help you with identifying the required steps. We will provide a complete migration path, along with estimated costs of transformation and running costs in Azure.


Modernisation & migration to the cloud (Legacy apps)

We can help your company to modernise legacy applications to make them first-class citizens of the cloud. If you have a lot of proprietary software which you need to move to the cloud, our dev leads and architects can peek inside your system internals, reverse engineer any business needs, if needed, and find the best way to migrate and modernise existing code.


IoT (Internet of things) – gathering, transforming

We can help you with gathering and transforming your IoT data. If your company runs hundreds or thousands of sensors along with various forms of robots, we can help you with creating a single platform for sending, transforming, storing and interpreting collected data. We can also create the digital twin representation of your existing processes to visualize your data and create meaningful analytics.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IoT

We can help you with building your artificial intelligence platform. If you want to make sense of large volumes of data in your company, you need to start with describing and implementing processes in your organisation, however, we can help you with your next challenges by creating models, which could answer different the questions regarding predictive maintenance, optimising energy usage or process execution.


Migration to the Kubernetes containers in Azure

If you have already decided to move to the Kubernetes containers, our Devs and DevOps will help you with all the work required to leverage features available on the Kubernetes platform. We will also assist you with the system’s re-engineering, as well as any architectural changes required – to make your systems scalable and deployable in line with the Kubernetes model.


Custom application development

If you have an idea, how to improve your business processes and workflow of its users, we can help you with building a brand new, tailor-made system from scratch. We operate in different models – starting with end-to-end project management, hiring dedicated specialists and managers, or simply supporting your existing experts with our development team.


Create the application in Microsoft Teams

If you have an idea on how to extend the existing functionality of Microsoft Teams for your advantage, we can help you with creating custom extensions to Microsoft Teams based on your own business needs. We can implement custom workflows, specific business processes – leveraging standard Microsoft 365 functionality or create custom extensions based on Graph API.


Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate

If you want to quickly create custom applications using Microsoft stack in M365 suite using Power Automate or Power Apps, we can help you with quickly creating applications based on SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and other M365 products. In addition to creating bespoke applications, we can help you with teaching your engineers and creating required architecture.



Our Azure team gained tens of thousands of hours of experience working with various projects. We are the experts of the cutting edge cloud technology, and we can help you with:

Migration of the .NET applications to Azure

Assessing application architecture

Creating a transformation strategy

Migration to Kubernetes containers

Re-engineering proprietary legacy applications

Creating the continuous deployment strategy for your software development process

Creating a digital twin based on your large amounts of IoT data in your company

Developing machine learning models and use AI for energy and process company

Any other custom application development


Jarosław Szybiński
Microsoft Sales Director at TTMS

I’m ready to make an appointment and discuss your business needs. Based on the subject of our meeting I will invite architects responsible for the chosen technology. The outcome is to see, how we can help you on your digital journey and what will be the next steps.



Based on our close partnership with Microsoft we are continuously developing our team. We currently have 7 gold competencies which prove that TTMS is the expert in the Microsoft cloud.

Teams Administrator Associate

Querying Data with Transact-SQL

AOS: Teamwork Advanced specialization 2

Teams Administrator Associate

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Programming in C#

Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4

TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

We have over 30 Azure certificates and among them the most advanced are:

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Teams Administrator Associate


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