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From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

For the companies which face the fact that their current CMS platform is no longer sufficient for their organization, and they need to get free from the limitations of non-scalable, difficult to maintain, legacy system – we offer support in migration to the new, flexible, user friendly, cloud based Adobe Experience Manager.

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From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

Looking for a powerful AEM portal to boost your online presence?​

Are you considering migrating your valuable content to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for enhanced authoring, management, and delivery capabilities? Our AEM content migration services offer a comprehensive solution to seamlessly transition your data from various platforms to the robust AEM environment.​

With our expertise in AEM migration services, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, minimizing disruption to your operations. Whether you’re migrating from Sitecore, WordPress, Expression Engine, CQ5, ATG, Drupal, IBM WCM, Demandware, or other platforms, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the complexities of your migration.​

Our team of skilled professionals understands the intricacies involved in migrating content to AEM. We employ industry-leading migration tools and methodologies to ensure data integrity, metadata preservation, and optimal performance in the new AEM environment. We offer end-to-end solutions, from assessing your migration requirements to executing the migration process seamlessly.​

During the migration, we address crucial questions and considerations, such as maintaining the structure and organization of your content, mapping and transforming data, preserving SEO rankings, and ensuring a smooth transition for your authors and administrators.​

Our AEM content migration services encompass the utilization of AEM authoring capabilities, content fragments, authoring services, and advanced migration tools. We leverage these resources to streamline the migration process, empowering you to take advantage of AEM’s powerful features and functionalities.​

As part of our AEM migration services, we also offer cloud migration options, allowing you to harness the scalability and flexibility of the cloud environment. We provide guidance and support throughout the migration journey, ensuring a successful transition to the AEM cloud.​

To facilitate a smooth migration experience, we offer comprehensive checklists, best practices, and guidance for AEM implementation. We understand that each migration is unique, and our tailored approach ensures that your specific business needs and objectives are met.​


From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

Our work process during migration to Adobe Experience Manager

Follow a series of steps.

Step 1

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Discovery of the scope of migration

  • Definition of the scope of migration as-is: the status of the current site, scope of the content for migration, identification of templates, components, integrations.
  • Scope of rework – current pain points, required changes, extensions.
  • Redesign and approval of the final layout after migration.

Step 2

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  • Definition of the goals, the scope and acceptance criteria of the pilot. What answers need to be provided at this tage?
  • Delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on AEM platform.
  • Conclusions from the pilot stage, Go-Nogo decision, optionally: rescoping and rescheduling of the next phases of the project.

Step 3

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Portal migration to AEM ​within the agreed scope

  • Definition of user stories, acceptance criteria, test scenarios for the scope.
  • Agile, SCRUM based development of templates, custom components, integrations on AEM platform.
  • Continuous engagement of the client to verify and optionally adjust the process of migration to meet the client’s business needs.
  • Building automated tests can be considered on this stage.

Step 4

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User Acceptance Tests

  • Execution of the test scenarios on the new portal, including multiple devices and browsers.
  • This stage can be performed by the client, by TTMS or together.
  • This stage includes also performance tests and security tests if required.

Step 5

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Content migration to the new portal

  • All the relevant content including multiple language version is migrated to the new portal.
  • This is a good moment also to filter the content and eliminate the outdated part of it.

Step 6

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New AEM Portal go-live

  • Final verification of the content, redirections from the old portal, publication, announcement of the new webpage.

Step 7

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Portal hyper-care period

  • Just after the go-live there is always higher risk that some issues with the functionality of the website, the integrations or the content will appear. For that reason we recommend a period of 2- to 4-weeks of hyper-care, where our development team will be in stand-by to fix any problems.

Step 8

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Decommissioning of old portal

  • The development of old portal should be frozen at some stage of the migration process. The precise moment of the freeze will depend on business needs, but definitely the switch between portals must have place during go-live.
  • The old portal can be maintaned for hyper-care period for backup purposes, or even longer if required. But as it maintenance required costs and effort, it can be decomissioned anytime after go-live.

At every stage, your project will be taken care of by our teams of professionals and experts:

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Testers
  • Admins & devOps
  • Content Authors
From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

We will then be at your service to further the maintenance and development of the site or to hand over the platform to your hands. In case the AEM technology appears to be challenging, we also offer assistance or partial engagement in the development process, according to your needs. ​

Who can benefit from Migration to AEM?​ ​

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

CMOs, Heads of Digital, and Heads of Marketing

Do you often struggle with long time to market? That gets
even worse when the businesses grows. Majority of changes require engagement of dev teams. Authoring tools are functionally poor, they miss good access rights management and support for approval processes. And finally, the websites still don’t work properly and in the same way on all devices.

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

CIOs, CTOs, Heads of IT

– with the legacy CMS platform you may need a lot of
development effort while providing any changes to the sites. Hundreds of versions of components and templates are hardly possible to maintain, change requests introduce regression errors and jeopardize deadlines. The on-premise infrastructure is not secure and stable enough or it’s maintenance costs fortune.

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

Our offer is dedicated to people who are responsible in their organizations for assuring efficient, modern, convenient content
management solution.

If you read this section and you can recognize your own problems here, perhaps it is worth talking to us. We may help.

Ready to migrate your content to new horizons with seamless transitions from non-AEM platforms to AEM? Contact us today and unlock the full potential of your content journey.​

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Get to know our advantages as AEM Services Migration Provider

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

We will ensure the optimal way to migrate the portal, considering all of your business priorities

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

You will control the progress of migration and its results

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

We will ensure the continuous availability of your portal and a seamless switch to its new version

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

The data you will entrust with us will be safe at every stage of your project

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services

You get certified quality services

From Another Platform (CMS) to AEM Migration Services



You will have the opportunity to experience AEM in practice

Discover what challenges our clients faced by reading the use case.

Global Producer of Hunting Arms Case


Our client, a “go-to” company for sports shooters, hunters, and collectors, decided to modernize their existing portals for the EMEA region.


The sites were maintained on a non-standard solution without a CMS. Their products are presented in a variety of languages. It was decided that the new portal will be based on AEM 6.5, and as part of the migration, we will introduce integration with the PIM (Product Information Management) system.


Our team consisted of Adobe-certified backend and frontend developers, QA, and content writers. We carried out the migration, which included building a platform for editing content on AEM, adapting Core Components to the client’s requirements, building integration with PIM, and supporting the client in our AEM content migration services.


Global Manufacturing Enterprise Case


Our client is one of the world’s largest global producers in the production and new technologies industry.


A few years ago, management decided that the current CMS platform was insufficient to meet the challenges of a global corporate portal.


The client decided to migrate from the current CMS to AEM in the cloud. Connected to the corporate ecosystem – Authentication supported by Active Directory, information platforms, shareholder information, and integration of multiple media portals enrich the system. Now – with many more to come, including PIM/PIS solutions. In 2021, the client hired our solution architect AEM, who supervised and consulted the entire complex migration process, including refreshing the layout and introducing several of the latest tools and processes from the Adobe Experience Cloud package.

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